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These tools are made out of food safe plastic. They are ideal for enhancing your design when using gumpaste, sugarpaste, marzipan, and other similar materials.


These tools are dual sided to provide 16 different tips in only 8. The handle on each tool is approximately 4 inches to give enough room to hold your tool in several comfortable positions.


The descriptions below describe each tool going from left to right:

Blade and Shell Modelling Tool – Ideal for cutting and marking gumpaste, sugarpaste, marzipan etc.

Scallop and Comb Modelling Tool – This can be used to cut scalloped edges, cut circular holes in plaques and emboss mouth shapes on faces.

Serrated & Taper Cones Modelling Tool – Used to emboss star patterns and to mark divisions in sugar paste or fondant.

Bone Modelling Tool – used to smooth curves in sugarpaste when modelling to cup and frill petals in flower making.

Flower Leaf Modelling Tool – It is ideal when shaping and veining flowers, leaves and general modelling

Taper Cones Modelling Tool – Ideal for creating the throat of flowers when using gumpaste, sugarpaste, marzipan etc.

Bulbulous Cone Modelling Tool – Ideal for producing Garrett Frills using gumpaste, sugarpaste, etc.

Ball Modelling Tool – Ideal for shaping and frilling of petals and leaves made in gumpaste, sugarpaste, marzipan etc.
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