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Stripe 266-B113 Cookie Cutter Kit


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Our Stripe 266-B113 Cookie Cutter Kit is primarily made to cut fondant stripes to place on the sides of a cake. All cookie cutters are made with a quality 3D printer using biodegradable PLA plastic at the time of order.


The sizes listed pertain to each stripe’s approximate length (left to right) x the quantity the cutter will yield per cut. All cookie cutters have an approximate depth of 1/2 an inch. Most cookie cutters will be red, however color may vary.


All sizes are displayed individually in the product images. Each will measure 7 inches in height (top to bottom). Please see the product image(s) above for appropriate measuring angle.


These cutters come as shown next to the completed design example in the picture(s) above.


These items are NOT dishwasher safe. HAND WASH ONLY WITH COLD WATER AND DRY IMMEDIATELY AFTER. Prolonged exposure to moisture and direct heat/sunlight should be avoided.


For orders under and equal to 50 items please allow 72 hours for processing. For orders over 50 items contact us for approximate processing time. Other delays in processing time may include but are not limited to availability of materials, holidays, and any changes made after purchase.

All United States orders will be shipped via the USPS (United States Postal Service). All international orders will be shipped via the USPS or UPS Mail Innovations. Since the US post office does NOT guarantee their ship times, neither can we. Purchasing does NOT guarantee it will get to you in time and it does NOT come with a money-back guarantee.


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