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Frozen – Elsa and Ana 225-A585 Cake Topper


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Our Frozen – Elsa and Ana 225-A585 Cake Topper is the cherry to top off the perfect cake. Please contact us if you are uncertain if this product will work for your purposes.


This item is laser cut to provide a smooth look to our unique and intricate designs. All cake toppers will be made from a single sheet of colored acrylic and will have a thickness of approximately ⅛ of an inch. Please select from our 17 different acrylic sheet colors. These colors are also displayed as the secondary picture of this listing. Our fluorescent options are transparent; therefore are affected by background colors and lighting. For example, our fluorescent pink color may look closer to orange under yellow light.


This cake topper design comes with two separate designs each on their own stem. 


The design displayed on the LEFT measures 2.2 inches in length (left to right) x 7.1 inches in height (top to bottom).

The design displayed on the RIGHT measures 2.1 inches in length (left to right) x 7 inches in height (top to bottom).


The above measurements include the measurement of the stems that insert into your cake. The stems of the cake topper will embed into the cake approximately 3 inches.


These items are NOT dishwasher safe. HAND WASH ONLY WITH WARM WATER AND SOFT SIDE OF SPONGE. Prolonged exposure to direct heat/sunlight should be avoided.


Our products are MADE TO ORDER and typically take between 24-72 hours to process. Please note this time is subject to our amount of currently processing orders, availability of materials, holidays, if a preview approval is required for any of the products you ordered and any changes made after purchase.


Since NONE of our shipping services guarantee their ship times, neither can we. Purchasing does NOT guarantee it will get to you in time and it does NOT come with a money-back guarantee. PLEASE SEE OUR SHIPPING POLICY FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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