Brick Pattern Rolling Pin

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Our Brick Pattern Rolling Pin is designed to emboss a pattern into dough or fondant quickly and easily. Our rolling pins are durable, easy to clean, and include unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. For proper cleaning we suggest hand washing this item with a sponge, gentle dish soap and cold water. Depending on the material you decide to use this rolling pin on, we recommend  using either powdered sugar or flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the pin itself.


This rolling pin is 1/2 inch in diameter and approximately 7 ½ inches long, however the embossing design is only 7 inches across the rolling pin. Please see picture for approximate comparison to a quarter. The second picture displays the approximate dimensions of the individual prints of the design. Each pattern is about 1/2 an inch distant from the next.


This rolling pin is made out of clear acrylic to provide a clean design and comfortable use.


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1 review for Brick Pattern Rolling Pin

  1. Linda Caro of Little Hunnys Cakery

    I use this roller all the time! It’s easy to use when you roll the rolling pin steady over your fondant. This rolling pin adds the extra touch to fondant decorations. Very pleased with this product!

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