Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and asked for a latte to receive one with an intricate design on top? From simple hearts to olive branches and other motives, you can now do latte art at home. Thanks to the JB Cookie Cutters and its latte art stencil selection, this has never been easier!

It’ll take less than a minute to get the desired pattern on your coffee. You can add letters, arrows, intriguing shapes like a pentagram knot, etc. Special Halloween-inspired stencils are also available, and you can pick classic writings like “Good Morning” or “Happy Birthday!”Happy Birthday!”

Our latte art stencils are ideal for any occasion, so check out the available designs and place an order today!

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Rosetta 263-142 Latte Art Stencil
Rosetta 263-142 Latte Art Stencil

Our Rosetta 263-142 Latte Art Stencil is made out of a food safe plastic called Mylar that is 10 mils thick, which is 0.010 inches thick. It is thin, flexible and reusable. These products are great for dusting the design … Read More

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What Is The Trick To Latte Art?

If you want the latte art to look flawlessly, you need top-quality stencils. You should be patient while applying the design. It helps to use quality foam and pour milk steadily to avoid breaking the crema. You also shouldn’t have any big bubbles in your foam since it’ll be easier to apply the stencil on a flat surface.

How Do You Make Designs In A Latte?

The first step is finding the desired latte art design at JB Cookie Cutters. After getting the product, you can position it on the cup’s edge. Alternatively, you can hold it in place. Use cinnamon or cocoa powder, or sprinkle colored sugar to apply the design.

How To Use Latte Art Stencils?

Latte art stencils are easy to use, and you’ll enjoy applying different designs to your coffee. Some units are suitable to be placed on the cup’s edge. However, you can hold the stencil above the cup and use colored sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa powder for pattern application.

How To Make Latte Art With Stencils?

The first step is to prepare the coffee and pour it into the mug. Next, grab the stencil and the desired decoration option. It could be cocoa or cinnamon powder or colored sugar. Sprinkle the sugar and transfer the design to the coffee.

How Do You Make Latte Art With Cocoa Powder?

Prepare cocoa powder and the desired latte art stencil first. Once you pour the hot coffee into a mug, it’s time to apply the design. Put the stencil above the mug and apply cocoa powder from the top. You’ll notice the design appearing as the top coffee layer.

Where Can I Buy Latte Art Stencils?

You can purchase latte art stencils online at JB Cookie Cutters. The ordering process is simple and the designs used are inspired by holidays, love, cartoon, characters, etc.