If You Bake It, They Will Come

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Joe Sprague | BMX racer | If You Bake It, They Will Come

Who says hanging around in the kitchen all day baking sweets can’t make your dreams come true? That in itself could be a dream come true, however if you are looking for that extra motivation to go above, beyond and bake something delicious, this story is the perfect pick-me-up.

Joe Sprague is a BMX racer from the midwest. He’s not the type of person you would think hangs out by the stove and makes incredible baked goods, but that’s exactly who he is. Joe’s competitive BMX racing habit is an expensive one, but he supports his traveling, race fees, and gear costs just by selling baked goods to his fans. His fans know him as “Brownie Man” and have helped support his passion for racing by enjoying his fantastic brownies. He’s in the process of qualifying for nationals, and racing in a category against professionals. At this level, equipment can be very expensive, and most other racers have sponsors giving them equipment for free. Joe’s brownie’s make it happen. So what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Selling baked goods is not just a good way to raise money for your 3rd grader’s field trip to the zoo. People love high quality cookies, brownies, and cakes, and are willing to pay for a little slice of heaven. Use your baking passion to fulfil your goals and dreams. JB Cookie Cutters can help you make that happen. Whether you are raising money for a class trip to the aquarium, because you feel bad that your kid ended up in the baboon enclosure and got his school a lifetime ban from the zoo last year, or are saving for that dream vacation, never underestimate the power of a bake sale. Follow Joe’s lead. If you bake it, they will come, especially if you present out-of-this-world shapes! JB has Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookie cutters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cookie cutters, Frozen cookie cutters, and even Spiderman cookie cutters! You’ll make the kids go, “Wow!” and parents go, “Mmmmmm.” They might even forgive you for that zoo trip catastrophe last year, but they probably won’t forget.

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