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Best 4th of July Cookie Recipes: How to Make Independence Day Cookies

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What better way to celebrate America’s independence day than with a traditional all-American staple, the cookie. While the 4th of July is typically spent with friends and family hosting a picnic or barbeque, these fun-filled meals need a little something sweet to tie them all together.

So, let’s dive in and look at some of the best recipes for 4th of July cookies that will leave your tastebuds celebrating.

How to Make Fourth of July Cookies?

You’ll need a few things to make the best patriotic cookies, from a little red and blue food coloring to a handful or two of flag-colored sprinkles and a bag of your favorite all-American candy. 

Pairing these fun ingredients with a few of the fun recipes that follow, you’ll end up with a batch of the most striking fourth of July cookies that add a little pop to your tastebuds. So, let’s get started!

4th of July cookies

4th of July Cookies With M&M’s

If you have a tried and tested cookie dough recipe that you want to transform into the most flavorsome independence day snacks, then this one’s for you. So jump to your recipe, and when you reach the part just before you refrigerate the dough, take a breath because it’s time to add your special ingredient – red, white, and blue M&M’s. 

Whether you crush them a little or throw them in whole, adding these tasty little candies will give your cookies the flag-inspired coloring you’re after and a little chocolatey goodness too. Then, once you’ve added these sweet treats, place your dough in the fridge and continue following your recipe.

Patriotic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is there anything more American than a good old chocolate chip cookie? While traditionally, these tasty treats may not have the right color theme, they are essential for any fourth of July celebration. 

So, how do we transform these into the perfect snack for the 4th? Firstly, Divide up the cookie dough into two batches. Then work red food coloring into one lot and blue into the other.

Once your dough is ready, break off little bits of each and gently work them together without overdoing it (you don’t want purple) to form each cookie. Further, substitute your typical chocolate chip with white chocolate chips to finish them off.

fourth of July cookies

4th of July Sugar Cookies

If you have a fantastic sugar cookie recipe, use custom cookie cutters or cookie stencils to cut them into shapes like stars and flags. Adding a little colored frosting or a dash of patriotic sprinkles to the mix will add a dash of color.

Fireworks Cookies and Cream Cookies

What is better than the 4th of July recipes that call for boxed cake mix and Oreos? Not only do they offer a taste sensation, but they’re quick and easy to make.

So, get cracking with these cookies by mixing together softened butter and cream cheese (this keeps them moist and makes them deliciously creamy.) 

Then add the eggs and vanilla before mixing through the boxed cake mix. Finally, toss in some roughly chopped Oreos and mix until they are evenly spread throughout the mixture. Yum!

Star-Spangled Cookies

What is a batch of 4th of July sugar cookies without the stars? First, roll the dough of your favorite sugar cookie recipe and use cookie cutters to create star-shaped cookies and bake. Then, for the fun part, the glaze!

Place white glaze on each cookie, pull a toothpick dipped in red coloring through the still-wet glaze, then do the same using blue to create a cosmic pattern. Top them off with a few edible stars to complete the look!

patriotic cookies

Red, White, and Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies

While pinwheel cookies look tricky to make, they are relatively simple to pull off. So, let’s dive in! First, divide your dough into three batches and color them accordingly using red, white, and blue coloring. Then using rolling pins, roll the dough out immediately. Place each color between two sheets of parchment paper and then place them in the fridge to chill. 

Next, remove the dough sheets from the fridge and stack them before leaving them to warm up a little (this prevents the dough from cracking when you roll the dough.) Lastly, roll the dough into a log before slicing it into rounds to create your cookies.

Fourth of July Thumbprint Cookies

Once you have your sugar cookie dough balls set out on your baking sheets, use your thumb to press them down in the middle. Doing this creates the perfect little indent to place tasty patriotic M&M’s or Skittles into, leaving you with quick and fun Independence Day Cookies

Independence Day Cookies

Patriotic Jell-O Cookies

If you’ve run out of food coloring or flavoring essence but have a few packs of jello lying about, you’re in luck! Not only does adding jello to your cookie dough give it a vibrant color, but it adds fun flavors too. 

Divide your cookie dough in two. Mix one half with red jello and the other one with blue. Make sure you stir through the jello until it is evenly distributed to prevent uneven color, and you’re good to go!

Independence Day Meringue Cookies

While you use mostly egg whites and sugar in baking meringues, adding a little baking soda and salt will help them retain their form and turn out much fluffier and puffier, especially if you’re adding coloring to match the American flag.

Since you won’t need silicone molds and you can toss all the ingredients into a stand mixer, patriotic meringue cooks are quick and straightforward to make. Better yet, a little batter goes a long way, making these ideal if you’re serving a big crowd.

With so many quick and fun options, you’ll find it easy to find the perfect 4th of July cookies to make for your celebrations this year. So, don’t waste another minute. Get started on your mouthwatering patriotic treats and give your loved ones something great to munch on!

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