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Long before we at JB Cookie Cutters began shaping the way you think of cookies (no pun intended), cookies shaped like animals were all the rage. Back in the early 19th century, the United States imported these cookies from Britain, though the Brits called them “biscuits” or “animals.” The demand for these sweet treats grew and grew until bakers began producing them domestically. When you cut a cookie into your favorite shape, it just tastes better, right?

Finally by the 20th century, companies started mass manufacturing and selling these animals in bulk, hence, the “cracker barrel.” Barnum’s Animal Crackers began selling them in small boxes around this time. These were practically the same boxes we see in stores today. People used to hang the boxes on their Christmas trees like ornaments.

The crackers or cookies, however, were made differently. Until 1958 the animals were created by stamping them out of a sheet of dough with a cutter. Eventually, companies began using rotary dies to engrave more details into the cookies. This is still the method that any company producing these types of cookies use today. Barnum’s bakes their crackers in a 300 foot “traveling band oven” at a rate of 12,000 per minute! Do you think your kitchen would stand up to that?

If you’re spending time with the kids or simply want to have some fun, take a look at JB Cookie Cutters animal shapes. We have hundreds of shapes your family will love. You can even create texture using our rolling pins like rotary dies! Make your own animal kingdom and serve from a homemade “cracker barrel.” You’ll turn heads at the school’s next bake sale or impress your friends with your own intricate designs.

Even if you’ve eaten so many animal crackers in your day that you can’t even fathom creating your own, we’ve got hundreds of cookie cutter shapes. Are you into high fashion? Check out our Versace, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel cookie cutter collections! Just remember, whether you’re baking a sheet of snickerdoodles cut into Ohio State shapes or oatmeal raisins cut with our alphabet cookie cutters, cookie cutting has a long history.

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