All Business At The Bake Sale

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Congratulations, your high fashion cookies have been the talk of the town. Could it be the finest ingredients you carefully measure in the palm of your hand? Maybe. Is it the secret to baking your great great grandmother passed down to you? Possibly. Can it possibly be attributed to the high fashion shapes like Michael Kors, Polo, and Louis Vuitton cookie cutters? Most likely, but who cares! Your delectable treats are taking you places you never thought you’d see in this lifetime. Suddenly your inbox is full of invitations to the hottest neighborhood barbeques, your son’s grades have gone from C’s to A-’s, and the Johnsons asked if you’d like to split a timeshare in the Bahamas. Life can’t get much better than this, but you still might be wondering what’s out there for someone who has reached the pinnacle of success. Then the idea pops into your head as you bite into one of your many delicious high fashion cookies. Start a business. If you are considering going ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ with your high fashion treats, here are some tips to get you going. Even if you don’t want to take the fun out of baking by turning it into a job, a little advice will go a long way in making sure your reign as the bake sale queen is never questioned.

More Than A Recipe

The recipes won’t stand alone. As sad as that is, it’s true. Your great great grandmother may have been an exceptional cook, but her recipes didn’t earn her the title of Queen, though she may act like it. Giving someone something delicious to eat is easy, but asking them to pay for it is a different story. Make it an experience. This can mean anything from the shape of the cookie, which JB Cookie Cutters can obviously help with, to the presentation. Be honest, at the school bake sale which deserts sold the most? Was it the uncovered, uncut tray of mystery brownies little Stevie brought from God knows where, or the high fashion Versace cookies you painstakingly wrapped in cellophane and parchment paper that matched the color of the frosting? That one was rhetorical.

Know Your Target Market

Are you shooting for the stars and trying to start a multinational baking company that delivers your delicious cookies all over the world? Are you just looking for a little extra income and notoriety that comes with displaying your home baked cookies at the local farmer’s market? Maybe your business model fits somewhere in between. Either way, do some research about the type of people that will be buying your goods. Are they gradeschoolers who don’t even know what a Louis Vuitton is?

Customer Feedback

It can be difficult to take criticism, especially if it comes in the form of an eight year old with frosting caked to his face and a Hawaiian Punch mustache. Don’t let it get you down! Give the people what they want. Your high fashion cookies might be perfect for the adults only neighborhood party, but they may not fly off the table at rec soccer championship barbeque. Remember, JB Cookie Cutters has all of your high fashion cookie cutter needs as well as hundreds of other cool shapes to choose from.

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